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About Edgenuity 

Students access their instruction from the leading provider of online and blending learning, Edgenuity. Every student will be enrolled in up to three classes at a time. Students decide to work through the courses completely on their own or to seek individual attention/instruction from the content area teachers on our campus. If a student can access the internet, the student may work on their courses when not at school.

Testing must be done on campus during school hours. 

Student's progress is monitored daily by teachers, success coaches, support staff, Mrs. Duree, the counselor, and the principal. 

In addition, parents have access to Edgenuity to monitor their student's progress with a parent login. Please download what you need from the file list below the Edgenuity login button.  If you have any questions, please call the campus at 281-252-2265


Edgenuity Student Login Edgenuity Family Login